Samuel Thompson


Best of 2020

Another year and another of my traditional ‘best of’ pages, which to be honest is a bit thin on the ground this year due to the fun of COVID.

The year started off with lots of planning as I’d only just moved in to my first house and a lot of work was needed to bring it up to my idea of a modern house. Beams got soda blasted, windows were ordered and everything (including the kitchen sink!) got ripped out at some point during 2020. The aim of the renovation work has been to try and make the house more environmentally friendly, as keeping a 300 year old cottage warm wasn’t the most efficient process.

As with everyone else in the world, I spent a lot of 2020 at home with the animals; Colin the horse, Steven the Labrador x Collie, and Mimi the Chihuahua. They were the subject of many photos throughout the seasons, from running around on the beach in the summer through to my favourite muddy walks in winter.

Here’s to 2021, and hopefully a year when people can get out, see friends and visit new places again.

Newbury Horse Riding
Snow Dog Photography
Dog Photography in Great Wood, Somerset
Sunrise over the Quantock Hills
Hacking through Floods
HUSK Thermoregulation Rug Photography
Family Photography with Defender
Snow Dog Portrait
Spring sun walks
Land Rover Defender Quantock Hills
Derby House PFC Free Product Photography
Colin – Equestrian Photography
Influencer Photography
Leo – Dog Photography
Quantock Pony
Misty Quantock Hills
Steven & Mimi Minehead Beach
Beach Dog Photography
Summer Quantock Hills
Summer Stubble Fields
Summer Moon
Property Renovation Photography
Equine Clipping Photography
Dog Portrait Photography
Autumnal Dog Walks
Leo – Dog Photography
Equine Black Background Photography
Winter Walks
Christmas Walks